PowerPress Industrial Heat Press Review

PowerPress Industrial Quality Heat Press Machine Review

If you’re looking for a compact and versatile heat press for your small business or for use at home, then the PowerPress Heat Press Machine is an excellent buy that offers you plenty of features with an extremely simple user-interface.

The PowerPress Heat Press is a new model and has several upgraded features when compared to the earlier models from the brand. Not only is the heat press machine excellent for creating great t-shirt designs, you can also use it for image transfer on many other materials such as canvas, ceramic, metal, glass, etc.

PowerPress Industrial Heat Press Side View

The PowerPress heat press is an industrial quality machine from PowerPress, a major heat press brand in the market. The heat press machines from PowerPress are popular for their top-quality, reliability and efficiency.

About The Product

The PowerPress Heat Press is a 15-inch x 15-inch clamshell design, sublimation heat transfer machine that is extremely popular with users, as it combines versatility with an affordable price tag. The heat press machine features a digital timer and heat control that offers more efficient control of the transfer process.

The heat press lets you set the temperature and the time precisely that ensures that the transfer process is effective without the design or material getting burned or damaged. Features of the PowerPress Heat Press Machine:

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    Heat Plate Size: 15-inches x 15-inches
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    Power: 1800 watts
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    Voltage: 110 volts
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    Replaceable fuse
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    Heating plate is Teflon coated
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    LCD control board with digital time and temperature control
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    Time Range: 0-999 seconds
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    Temperature Range: 0oF-750oF
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    Safety control chip for precise control
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    Comes with a 1-year limited warranty

The heat press is also equipped with a control chip which keeps the temperature constant throughout the transfer process. The PowerPress Heat Press allows you to set the timer between 0 and 999 seconds and temperature range of 0oF-750oF.

The heat press has a safety fuse that is replaceable, which safeguards the device from overheating or shorting in case there is an overload. The heat press has a aluminum plate which ensures that the that the temperature is even and stable throughout the entire surface. 

The platen of the machine is coated with Teflon which ensures that the surface is protected from scratches and any other damage. The Teflon coating also makes it very easy to clean the heat press and it keeps the material and the design safe from getting burned.

The heat press is equipped with an alarm that sounds a beep which lets you know that the transfer is complete. The PowerPress heat press has an upward opening design, which makes the press very compact and therefore does not occupy too much space of your work area.

PowerPress Industrial Heat Press Back Side

The compact build of the PowerPress heat press makes it very portable and also easy to store. The heat press has an adjustable silicone gel baseboard that makes the machine very stable when you are working.

The durability and versatility of the PowerPress heat press make it a great buy for image transfers on various items other than just t-shirts like ceramic tiles, bags, mousepads and ID badges. 

What We Liked

The PowerPress Heat Press Machine has received an overall rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon with 72% customers giving it a 5-star rating.

Buyers had positive feedback on the PowerPress heat press machine. Customers said that they loved the machine and that it produces “close to perfect” HTV prints. A customer said that he uses the heat press commercially to print on sweatpants, shirts, canvas bags, mousepads and leggings, and it produces excellent image transfers.

Buyers felt that the heat press has a solid build as it is heavy-duty and durable too. The 15”x15” size of the machine is very good and allows you to print on women’s XS size t-shirts to XXL men’s t-shirts.

The heat press works perfectly with the quality of the pressing being very good and customers found that the prints did not peel off even after several washes in the washing machine. Users said that the machine is very quick to operate and printing 50 t-shirts took just 1.5 hours to complete.

Buyers said the that the PowerPress heat press is an excellent high-quality machine at a great price. It is very easy to use. All you have to do is set the temperature and time required, and pull the handle down. The heat press heats up very fast and you do not have to wait for long.

People who bought the heat press did not have any problems and said that the device was very easy to open and heats up very quickly. It is a great heat press if you want to start a business with very little initial investment.

What To Look Out For

Users who bought the PowerPress heat press said that the machine was quite heavy and not very portable and it is better to keep it in one place permanently without moving it around.

A user said that the heat press should have rubber feet or should be placed on a cloth as it does not stay put in one place and scratched the surface of the table on which he had placed the heat press.

PowerPress Industrial Heat Press

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Users said that when using the PowerPress heat press, it is a good idea to open up the windows and doors, as it has a very strong chemical smell when you use it the first time, which can stink up the house. However, over time with use, the smell will go away. Also, it is a good idea to watch the YouTube videos before using the heat press to get familiar with how to use it.

Buying Advice

The PowerPress Heat Press Machine is an Amazon-fulfilled product and you can buy it conveniently online on Amazon.

The Verdict

The PowerPress heat press is durable and an attractive machine. The heat press produces high-quality printing and the versatility of the machine makes it among the best t-shirt heat presses.

Apart from being a great heat press for t-shirts, the PowerPress is great for image transfers in large quantities on several other items such as jigsaw puzzles, mousepads, ceramic tiles, bags and ID badges.

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