F2C 6-In-1 Heat Press Review

F2C 6-In-1 Heat Press Machine Review

Looking for a quality t-shirt heat pressing machine that is not only reliable but affordable too? The F2C 6-in-1 Heat Press is an excellent machine that will get your job done quickly. This starter heat press is perfect for transfers onto varied materials like fabrics, ceramic, metal and canvas.

The F2C Heat Press Machine is sold by SuperBowl Hero that deals with products in several categories such as lawn, garden and patio, outdoors and sports, kitchen and dining, apart from heat press machines. They’ve been in this business since the year 2014.

About The Product

The F2C heat press is equipped with an LED digital control that lets you set the accurate time and temperature (both in Fahrenheit, as well as Celsius). And, when the transfer is complete, the intelligent alarm beeps and alerts you.

F2C 6-In-1 Heat Press Digital LED Controller

The heat press works at a temperature range between 32oF-430oF and a timer range of 0-999 seconds. This allows you to get superior-quality transfers. The F2C heat press has a Swing-away design and the non-stick heating plate surface is 15” x 12”, which allows you to make transfers of various sizes.

You can also adjust the height between 13.5” to 17”. The heat press is very easy to set up and extremely easy to use. It has a 4/5” heating board and the flatness of the heat press is maintained due to the built-in structural support. Features of the F2C 6-in-1 Heat Press Machine:

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    Heat Press Surface: 12 inches x 15 inches
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    Adjustable Height: 13.5 inches x 17 inches
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    6-in-1 heat press with separate attachments
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    Swing-away design
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    Full 360o rotation
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    Digital LED control
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    Multi-spring balancer
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    Long arm handle
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    4/5-inch heating board thickness
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    Non-stick surface with aluminum alloy cradle for hats, mugs and pads elements
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    CE certification

The heat press has a knob that lets you adjust the pressure in such a way that the pressure is distributed uniformly throughout the platen when the machine is closed and this also helps to prevent the fabric and the design from being burned or damaged.

The 6-in-1 F2C heat press comes with 6 different attachments that lets you transfer images into various items such as mugs, hats, plates, tile, jigsaw puzzles and mousepads. The heat press comes with attachments such as a cap/hat press, a t-shirt plate that is Teflon coated, 2 mug presses and 2 plate presses of different sizes, a silicon pad, a cotton pad and a manual.

What We Liked

The uniform distribution of pressure throughout the platen ensures that you get top-quality image transfers and it also prevents the transfer from burning. The F2C Heat Press Machine has received an overall rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon, with 56% of the customers giving it a 5-star rating.

Heat Platen Press

Customers who bought the F2C heat press said that it is a fantastic heat press for beginners and users said that it works very well. The heat press is very easy to use and the temperature stays uniform. The setting up of the heat press is very easy. The heat press heats up very quickly and is a perfect size, which makes it very easy to move around.

Users said that the timer settings are very accurate. Customers felt that the F2C works much better than a clamshell heat press and produces uniform pressure throughout.

Customers said that they were extremely happy with their purchase and that the build of the heat press is quite solid.  Customers liked the swing-away option of the heat press as it prevents them getting burned. The pull-out tray of the machine allows you to adjust the material properly and the attachments can be put in and taken out very easily.

Buyers said that the F2C heat press is a fantastic device with very cool features at a very good price. They said that the heat press is an excellent machine suitable for use in small spaces. One customer stated that this is the best investment he has made and the heat press is worth the money.

What To Look Out For

Many customers said that the instructions with the F2C heat press machines are difficult to understand as it is in Chinese. You need to find the instructions to use the heat press online. Also, they felt that the information on the instrumentation panel is insufficient. However, once you figure out the instructions, the heat press is quite easy to use.

Users found it difficult to set the timer of the heat press. Customers also said that the heat press did not hold the temperature. Some buyers felt that the heat press is quite flimsy, is a bit wobbly and the set screw needs to be locked on the swing in order to make it stiff.

Several customers complained about faulty heat press machines. Some customers said that the handle broke after a few uses, while others said that the metal bar snapped after using for some time. This shouldn’t be an issue though as the product comes with a 1-year warranty. Customers felt that the heat press could have been of a larger size.

Buying Advice

You can buy the F2C Heat Press Machine on Amazon and the product comes with free shipping right to your doorstep.

F2C 6-In-1 Heat Press

Source: amazingmachines.com

The Verdict

So, if you’re looking for a heat press machine for professional use or use at home, then the F2C Heat Press is the best choice that offers superior quality of production at a very affordable price.

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