Cricut Easy Heat Press Review

Cricut Easy Heat Press Review

If you want to get some cool images on your t-shirt in a jiffy, then the Cricut Easy Press is an excellent buy. This super easy-to-use heat press gives you professional quality images in just 60 seconds or lesser.

This is a great machine to have in your home to make plenty of cool stuff like throw pillows and tote bags, among other things. What’s great about the Cricut Easy Press is that it is really fun to use.

About The Product

The 9” x 9” Cricut Easy Press offers an excellent combination of speed and efficiency of a heat press along with the ease of use and convenience of a hot iron. And, the transfer results that the Easy Press delivers is top-quality HTV that stays as good as new, even after several washes.

Cricut Easy Heat Press Features

The Easy Press has a ceramic coated plate and a special heating element which ensures that the heat distribution is controlled and uniform. The heat press allows you to adjust the heat up to 350oF or 180oC and you can use the machine for various applications such as fixing foil, glitter, metallic stickers and even for large and layered applications.

The Cricut Easy Press is equipped with a big plastic handle on the top that allows you to apply pressure required to adhere the vinyl to the material. The handle also allow you to keep your hands safe from burning when using the heat press. Features of the Cricut Easy Press:

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    Maximum output: 120 volts
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    9-inch x 9-inch heating base
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    Ceramic coated base
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    Adjustable heat of up to 350℉ or 180oC
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    Safety base
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    Auto shut-off feature

The heat press heats up very fast and the digital controls on top of the device allows you to control the temperature. The Easy Press also has a set timer which runs up to 60 seconds and the beep alerts you that the press can be removed.

The heat press comes along with a handy “Quick Reference” chart that allows you to set the time and the temperature according to the material you’re working on.

The Easy Press is very safe to use and has safety features such as an insulated resting base and an auto shutoff. And, the heat stand has heat protection that lets you store the device without damaging the work surface.

The Easy Press is lightweight, compact and portable, which makes it very convenient to carry around wherever you want to and if not being used, it can be stored very easily on your work table or on the shelf.

What We Liked

The Cricut Easy Press has received an overall rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars and around 83% of the buyers have given it a 5-star rating. Customers said that the Cricut Easy Press is an excellent and very easy to use heat press. They said that it is very compact and is perfect for transfer on t-shirts and other materials.

Using Cricut Easy Heat Press

Buyers said that the heat press is much easier to use as compared to an iron. All you have to do is set the timer and the temperature and you will know when the job is complete. The compact size of the heat press makes it extremely convenient to store on the shelf when not in use.

Users also found the Cricut Heat press lightweight and portable. Now you can say goodbye to your old, clunky big press.

The heat press is perfect for transferring vinyl onto t-shirts and the quality of the transfer is very good which does not come off even after many washes. You also do not require to apply a lot of pressure to get the HTV to stick properly.

Customers said that the heat press heats up very fast and the temperature is accurate and uniform and they also felt that the surface is sufficient to do the iron-on in a single process. Adding multiple layers to the vinyl is also very easy without the vinyl melting.

Users said that with the Cricut heat press, they were able to cut down on the time spent on the job and do a lot more in much lesser time.

What To Look Out For

The heat press is small in size 9”x 9”, which means that you may have to press several times to cover the entire design. Users said that the setting of the time and temperature can get tricky and you may end up ruining quite a few materials before you get the right combination.

A couple of users said that the vinyl did not get stuck properly in spite of turning on the heat very high and putting it on for a long time and it came off while washing. Some buyers said that the Cricut heat press did not reach the temperature required and the temperature was also not accurate as per the one that they set.

Remember, all of these reviews should be taken with a pinch of salt as they might not provide an accurate picture of what the product is like, especially when considering the fact that the product is rated 4.6/5!

Buying Advice

You can buy the “Amazon Choice” Cricut Heat Press from the convenience of your home on Amazon that comes along with free shipping.

Cricut Easy Heat Press


The Verdict

A great heat press for beginners, the compact and lightweight design of the Cricut Easy Press makes it ideal for use at home or at your workshop for all your DIY projects. With the Cricut Heat Press now, you can flaunt your creativity on your t-shirts, tote bags, leggings and even pillows!

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