Fancierstudio T-Shirt Heat Press Review

Fancierstudio T-Shirt Heat Press Review

Looking for an easy to use heat press for your DIY jobs? The Fancierstudio T-Shirt Heat Press is definitely a great buy for printing on various materials such as fabrics, glass, ceramic tiles and canvas. This versatile heat press machine is very handy and produces superior quality printing and you can use it for printing images on t-shirts, bags and a variety of other products.

About The Product

The clamshell type, 15-inch x 15-inch heat press is quite lightweight and compact and is an excellent machine for hobby and small business projects. The Fancierstudio heat press is equipped with an 1800-watt heating element that helps to distribute the heat uniformly and quickly. 

Fancierstudio T-Shirt Heat Press Right Side View

The heat press machine allows you to set the timer between 0 to 999 seconds and a temperature range of 0oF-500oF. The electronic control lets you control the timing and heat settings precisely.

The heat press has the capability of producing high temperatures and pressure that ensures that you get professional printing results every time you use the heat press machine. Features of the Fancierstudio T-Shirt Heat Press:

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    15-inch x 15-inch heat press
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    Voltage: 110 volts
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    Power: 1,200 watts
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    Clamshell type heat press
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    Temperature Range: 0oF - 500oF
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    Timer Range: 0 - 999 seconds
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    Electronic heat and time control
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    Pressure adjustable silicone gel baseboard

The Fancierstudio heat press has a non-stick Teflon coating on the platen that ensures that the heating is even and the design and material are not burned due to overheating. The heat press also features a silicone baseboard that produces the pressure required to get perfect transfers.

You can also adjust the pressure of the heat press according to the requirement of the material of varied thickness.

The Fancierstudio heat press is very compact and the space-saving design of the machine makes it very comfortable to place on the workspace and also store it conveniently when not in use. Overall, the heat press is a durable machine, which delivers uniform temperature and pressure that produces superior-quality transfer results.

What We Liked

The Fancierstudio heat press has received a 4.0 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon with 63% of the buyers giving the product a 5-star rating.

Buyers said that the Fancierstudio heat press was a great buy and they were very happy with the purchase. They said that the heat press is perfect for printing t-shirts and the vinyl gets fixed permanently the very first time.

Fancierstudio T-Shirt Heat Press Left Side View

Buyers felt that the heat press from Fancierstudio is sturdy and well-made and is extremely easy to use. They said that the heat press heats up very quickly and gets the job done.

Users said that the heat press timer beeps when the transfer is complete and maintains proper time. The heat press is very easy to use and all you have to do is pull the handle. The unit comes along with detailed instructions on how to set up and operate the machine and therefore, you don’t have to spend time going online to check out the instructions.

Buyers felt that the heat press works very well, does not require any assembly and you can adjust the temperature, time and pressure as required with the best part being that the heat press is quite inexpensive.

Users said that the inbuilt timer in the heat press is very convenient and they love the idea that the machine comes with a Teflon pad, which helps to distribute the heat uniformly without the risk of the fabric getting burned or damaged.

Customers said that the Fancierstudio heat press is great for HTV (heat transfer vinyl) and said that at the proper temperature, the vinyl adheres to the fabric of the t-shirt very well. The pressure knob on the heat press is very beneficial to adjust the pressure depending on the thickness of the material.

What To Look Out For

Standalone machine which is best for transfers on t-shirts and other flat materials and not suitable for thicker materials, mugs and caps. The heat press needs to be placed on a solid table and if placed on an unstable surface like a foldable table, bounces a little when the press is released.

Users felt that the heat press takes a bit of time to heat up and also getting the right temperature for your job can be tricky. Hence, you will need to watch the heat press and cannot walk away when it is working. Users felt that heating up the press is a trial and error process as the instructions are not very clear.

Customers felt that the heat press is a bit on the heavier side and they said that it is a good idea to place a towel or felt pads under the machine, otherwise it causes the table to get scratched.

A user said that if you need to heat the heat press to a very high temperature, it is a good idea to leave the press open while heating, as the heating causes the rubber pad to come up; however, it goes back down when the machine cools.

Buying Advice

The Fancierstudio heat press is available on Amazon where you can buy it with free shipping. The heat press is an Amazon fulfilled product.

Fancierstudio T-Shirt Heat Press


The Verdict

The Fancierstudio heat press is a great machine for professional jobs and for DIY projects too and can handle jobs of any size efficiently. The heat press offers solid industrial build and unmatched performance. The heat press is reliable and will last for many years to come and the affordable price tag makes this is an excellent heat pressing machine to buy.

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